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Seasonal Tips



Spring is an ideal time for planting in almost all areas, as warming temperatures and regular rainfall makes conditions ideal for plant establishment, never plant any flowers or grass seed until you are sure winter is over. When planting shrubs or trees always remember the saying, plant them high and they won’t die, Plant them low and they won’t grow. Never mulch to high around trees, this will cause the trunk to rot.


In most parts of the country, summer means watering. To provide your lawn with the correct amount of water, figure out the specific needs for your lawn, trees, and shrubs. You want to avoid drought stress, but over watering is bad to, which can be as detrimental as drought. And remember, this is the time of the season for insects to create their homes in your lawn and bugs to eat your trees & shrubs. Take the appropriate steps to prevent this. Summer is also the worst time for your lawn; annual grasses like crabgrass & nuts edge grass thrive this time of the year, while your good grasses get weaker.  


Fall is an excellent time to plant new grasses, trees& shrubs.  If you do plant, make sure you water new plantings well if rainfall is scarce. Also, don't forget to plant bulbs in the fall, including tulips, hyacinth  & daffodils, for a colorful, beautiful spring landscape. And remember, fall is the best time to aerate and over seed your lawn. The temperature has come down, crabgrass & other annuals are dying off and new grass seed has a better chance to grow
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