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Lawn Diseases

Some simple steps to help make your lawn a beautiful one, April, May cut your lawn at a 3-inch cut. June, July & August you should cut your lawn at 3-½ inch cut. The reasons are simple, cut your lawn low during spring when lawns are growing fast. When June comes around the temperature goes up and to prevent burning you need to cut your lawn higher to block the suns ray’s from getting to the roots. Proper watering is very important, less water during the spring and more during the summer, however you want your grass roots to go further into the soil for water so it can survive times of drought. Every season is different, some summers are hot with no rain while others are warm but have plenty of rain fall that keeps everything green. Learn to judge your watering by the season’s temperatures and rain fall.

 Fungi cause most lawn diseases; other factors affecting disease development include the overall health of the lawn, weather and seasonal conditions. Proper watering and fertilizing must be done to boost your lawns resistance to disease

Pictures of most common diseases.

Red Thread Brown Patch Dollar Spots
brown patch fungus dollar spot fungus




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