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Fungus in your lawn:

If you see Fungus growing in your lawn, don’t worry, most funguses do not cause long-term damage in your lawn. Fungus is caused from wet conditions in your lawn and can be taken care of if the problem persists. At Higgins Landscape we have the products on hand to fix the problem. Many times with fertilizing the Fungus will go away on it’s on.


Because mushrooms are merely the fruiting bodies of fungi, removing them does not kill the underground mycelia from which they are growing. Picking mushrooms, puffballs, stinkhorns, or other reproductive structures soon after they appear may prevent their spores from spreading to new sites. However, because most spores are wind-blown long distances, they can easily come into a lawn from neighboring areas. The primary reasons for removing mushrooms from lawns are to keep them away from children and pets and to improve the lawn's appearance.

Red Thread lawn fungus

appears in turf as small pinkish-red spots or patches, usually in later May and June when temps are high, and humidity is higher. Infected areas eventually turn light tan, and the leaf tips or margins may be covered with fine pink to red threads, giving the turf an overall pink coloration. Fertilizing normally helps the situation but Higgins Landscape has products to help ad the problem if needed.

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