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Soil Enhancements Through Biological Matter

Building a healthy lawn through science,
(Bio•Spectrum) is a complex combination of microbes and known soil plant amending ingredients combined with critical enzymes and the most effective microbe food sources. The combination of these ingredients will make indigenous beneficial microbes explode in numbers in the soil. This will improve organic matter in the soil and breakdown thatch and other dead plant matter into usable nutrients.

Plants need more than the few so-called superstrains of beneficial bacteria and fungi. They need a wide variety and diversity of biology, which ByoSpxtrum™ delivers. The vast complex of microbes in ByoSpxtrum™ helps plants grow efficiently and effectively at all stages of growth.

Unlike other soluble powder inoculations on the market, ByoSpxtrum™ activates to full life in seconds due to the proprietary process that avoids stunning or harming the microbes. ByoSpxtrum™ is comprised of components that are 100% non- GMO and non-synthetic, and it is approved for use on certified organic crops.

Higggins Landscape offers professional care in keeping your lawn healthy and green. . We provide a combination of fertilization and weed control treatments designed to target every lawn care issue. Our company is licensed and insured and ready to service your needs. Grub and incest control are all part of our programs designed for your lawn.

Lime applications to adjust the pH balance of your lawn are available all season.

Programs vary by region and remember our 10% guarantee; we will beat any other competitor’s program price by 10%.

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